Varicose-Leg-Vein-before-and-after-2More than 25 million Americans suffer from Varicose Veins. One of the biggest issues that Americans associate with Varicose Veins is the embarrassment. Dr. Richard Levine and his staff at Mountain View Dermatology offer several treatments to take care of those stubborn vein problems such as Sclerotherapy, Laser Vein treatmens and minor surgical procedures if needed.

Factors leading to varicose veins include heredity, gender, pregnancy and age. Some factors may speed up the development of this disease and make the veins worse, including prolonged standing, obesity, hormone levels, and physical trauma.

Treatment options for varicose veins

Initially, Dr. Richard Levine will try methods that don’t involve surgery to achieve symptomatic relief. Treatments may include preventive techniques or the use of compression stockings. If your varicose veins do not respond to this conservative therapy, more aggressive treatments may be required.

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